A commandline tool for model validation

ValiMate helps you with network model validation. As inputs ValiMate needs (a) the data to be validated and (b) the SHACL Shapes against which the data is validated.

ValiMate mainly deals with specificities of CIM for network model exchange (IEC 61970 standards) including CGMES (Common Grid Model Exchange Standard – IEC 61970-600-1 and IEC 61970-600-2). However it can be used for other sectors that need to validate RDF based dataset. Depending on the configuration ValiMate can be used for validation of individual datasets, individual grid models (IGM) or common grid models (CGM).

At this point in time, ValiMate has been implemented as command line application. An API for seemless integration with other systems is currently under development.
ValiMate is based on open source projects Apache Jena (license Apache 2) and TopBraid SHACL API (license Apache 2).

The power of SHACL

ValiMate is building on the power of SHACL - the Shapes Constraint Language.
SHACL, the Shapes Constraint Language, is a language for validating RDF graphs against a set of conditions. These conditions are provided as shapes and other constructs expressed in the form of an RDF graph. As SHACL shape graphs are used to validate that data graphs satisfy a set of conditions they can aso be viewed as a description of the data graphs that do satisfy these conditions.


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