Critical Infrastructure means an asset, system or part thereof which is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions, health, safety, security, economic or social well-being of people, and the disruption or destruction of which would have a significant impact [..] .

EU COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2008/114/EC, Article 2 (a)

Transmission System Operators

Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for electricity are entities operating independently from the other energy market players and are responsible for the bulk transmission of electric power on the main high voltage electric networks. The role of Transmission System Operators in Europe has considerably evolved with the EU Third Energy Package. Due to unbundling and the liberalisation of the energy market TSOs have become the meeting place for the various players to interact on the market place. TSOs provide grid access to the electricity market players (i.e. generating companies, traders, suppliers, distributors and directly connected customers) according to non-discriminatory and transparent rules and in order to ensure the security of supply, they also guarantee the safe operation and maintenance of the system.

We are a trusted partner for European TSOs

We support TSOs across all Europe with digital expertise in the fields of Cyber Securty, Business Analysis and Architecture, Software Testing, Prototyping, Application Operations and Project Management.

ENTSO-E and Regional Security Coordinators

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E),was established in 2009 through legal mandate by the EU’s Third Legislative Package for the Internal Energy Market. ENTSO-E represents 42 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 35 countries across Europe and facilitates the setup of the European internal energy market, its optimal functioning, the supports the ambitious European energy and climate agenda.

The increasing share of variable generation from certain types of renewables and the rise of cross-national power flows called for greater cooperation between national TSOs.
​​Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) are entities created by transmission system operators (TSOs) to assist them in their task of maintaining the operational security of the electricity system.

Design, Implementation and Operation of European Digital Infrastructures

Over the past years, our consultants have led the work on and significantly contributed to the architectural designs of pan-European and cross-Regional digital platforms, solutions and ecosystems for the support of the European electricity systems. With our expertise we have are leading the implementation, testing and deployment of those solutions and support their operation.

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Contributing to the European Green Deal Implementation

The European Green Deal is Europe's vision to become the world's first climate neutral contingent by 2050. Such an ambitious goal requires innovative and digital solutions of European scale with local impact.
We are supporting this goal with our digital expertise and commitment for excellence.

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